Forsøksdyr: COD immunity 2020

Godkjenningsdato 27.11.2020

Godkjenningsperiode 01.12.2020-01.07.2023

1 Formål
Atlantic cod has a highly unusual immune system due to loss of Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC) class II, normally used by antigen-presenting cells to activate CD4-positive T cells. CD4 is also lost in cod. Because of this defect, cod have poor and variable antibody responses. This study will investigate the functions of the cod immune system, including how cod respond to immunisation with model antigens, and how it responds to tissue transplantation.

2 Skadevirkninger
Humane endpoints will be used for any fish that shows signs of disease or abnormal behaviour (lethargy, bloating, disoriented swimming).

3 Forventet nytteverdi
Little is known about how the cod immune system works. Vaccination with certain pathogens gives protective immunity, but the response is poorly correlated with specific antibody response. Learning more about how the special cod immune system that naturally lacks MHC class II and CD4 T cells function, is vital to develop vaccines against other bacterial and viral disease in this species.

4 Antall dyr og art
Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua), n=164

5 Hvordan etterleve 3R
Replacement is not possible due to the special immune system in cod. We have refined the experimental designed based on prior experience with cod and knowledge from immune systems in humans and mice. In order to reduce the number of fish, we exchange transplants so the same fish will be donor and recipient at the same time.