Still waiting for the new by-products rules in Norway

Published 22.10.2013 | Modified 20.12.2013

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority has prepared a Norwegian regulation to implement the new by-products rules from EU in Norway, however the Authority and responsible ministries are waiting for Regulation (EC) No. 1069/2009 and Regulation (EU) No.142/2011 to be made part of the EEA Agreement.

The EEA Agreement is an agreement between the EU and EFTA States that, amongst other areas, regulates which veterinary rules apply for production and trade of by-products between the two parties to the agreement.

At present the old by-product rules from EU still apply in the EEA Agreement which means that trade between Norway and the EU must fulfill the requirements in Regulation (EC) No. 1774/2002. Certificates are therefore issued based on the old EU regulation (EC) No. 1774/2002. Approximately 90% of the requirements in the new by-product regulations from the EU are the same as in the old Regulation (EC) No. 1774/2002, albeit redrafted and rearranged in the new regulations.

The next scheduled EEA Joint Committee meetings are February 14, April 4, May 16 and June 27 2014. When the new by-product regulations are incorporated into the EEA Agreement at such a meeting the Norwegian regulation implementing the new by-product regulations may be adopted.

More information from EFTA about the EEA-agreement

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