Import of hay and straw from countries outside the EU/EEA-area

Published 24.07.2018     Modified 27.08.2018

If you want to import hay and straw directly to Norway from countries outside EU and the EEA-area, you should be aware that these products must come from approved and listed countries.

These requirements are adopted for animal health reasons.

The listed countries are:

Import of hay and straw from countries outside the EU/EEA-area 

Approved and listed veterinary border inspection post

You must import the goods via an approved and listed veterinary border inspection post. The import must be prenotified in TRACES before the consignment arrives in Norway and the consignment must be accompanied by a health certificate issued and signed by an official veterinarian in the exporting country.

There must be payed a fee for the control.

Read more about TRACES (Norwegian).

Plant health and genetically modified feed

Imported feed must meet plant health requirements and should not spread plant pests or unwanted plants. It should be noted that it is not allowed to import seeds of wild oat (Avena fatua) or products containing wild oat.

It should also be noted that to this date genetically modified feed is not allowed to import into Norway.

Register as an importer

Before you can import hay and straw to Norway you will also have to register yourself as an importer at the Norwegian Food Safety Authority (Mattilsynet). You can find the formulas via this website.

The country of export make their own certificate

There is no harmonized certificate for import of hay and straw to Norway. It is therefore up to the country of export to make their own certificate. But, for import to Norway, the following health guaranties have to be fulfilled in such a certificate:

Health information

I, the undersigned veterinarian, declare that I am aware of the relevant provisions of the Regulations (EC) No 178/2002, 183/2005, 767/2009 and hereby certify that the hay or straw described above was cultivated, harvested, processed, transported and handled in accordance with those requirements.

1. The exported material contains

_______________________________________________________ as the only component (s).

2. The hay/straw product(s) described above is (are) intended for feeding and has (ve) been cultivated, processed and stored in accordance with regulation 183/2005 by feed business operators supervised by the competent authority.

3. The hay/straw product(s) described above has(ve) been harvested from a region where there are no restrictions due to contagious animal disease.



When importing feed from countries that cultivate genetically modified plants, the importer is obliged to present documentation for that particular consignment showing that the feed is not genetically modified. 

After control and if approved at the veterinary border inspection post, the consignment can be declared to customs.

Five veterinary Border Inspection Posts (BIPs)

Norway has five veterinary Border Inspection Posts (BIPs) where you can import hay and straw: BIP Borg Port, BIP Oslo Port, BIP Aalesund port, BIP Måløy Port and BIP Egersund Port.

You can read more about veterinary border control and the system of importing hay and straw from countries outside the EU/EEA-area on these websites:

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