Can BSE be transmitted to humans?

Published 26.01.2015     Modified 25.02.2015

Removing specified risk material (SRM) from the meat is the most important measure to protect people from becoming infected with BSE. Since the 90's, routines have been established at all slaughterhouses in Norway (and the rest of Europe). Authorities keep a close watch that the requirement is complied with.

Before this routine was introduced, there proved to be some individual cases where people were infected after eating products where there was brain- or other nervous tissue.

BSE infection can be found in brain tissue and other nervous tissue in cattle. In Norway and the rest of Europe, parts of the animal that can contain infection are routinely removed. These parts are not used for for food, but are destroyed at a designated facility.

BSE infection is not present in the meat you find in the store. Any material that could be infected is removed.

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