How does NFSA monitor for BSE?

Published 26.01.2015     Modified 25.02.2015

Norway has had a monitoring program for BSE in cattle in place since 1998. This is an international obligation (EEA). The program has been changed somewhat over the years, and today the monitoring is done by taking brain samples of cattle that:

have symptoms consistent with BSE,

  • are older than 48 months and died of natural causes or have been euthanised,
  • are older than 48 months and undergone emergency slaughter,
  • are imported 
  • are of unknown origin or age
  • are older than 48 months and selected for sampling before slaughter through the meat controls in place

This is a well-functioning program for monitoring, and to ensure that animals are reported in for BSE examinations, obligations for warning are stipulated.

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