How widespread is this in other countries?

Published 26.01.2015     Modified 25.02.2015

BSE has been most widespread in the UK, where it is shown to total over 180,000 cases. The disease occurs in most other European countries (about 5,000 cases). A few cases have also occurred in Japan, Israel, Canada and the USA.

World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) has a detailed overview of the reported cases

The incidences of BSE dropped significantly after gaining knowledge about how the disease spreads, and monitoring and control measures were put into effect to prevent transmission to humans and other animals. For example, there has been a total ban in the EU of using meat and bone meal in livestock production since 2000, and all parts of an animal that may contain BSE infection are today routinely removed at the slaughterhouse and sent for destruction.

The disease has never before been detected in Norway.

Humans who have eaten meat from cattle with mad cow disease may develop a disease called Creutzfeldt Jakob disease (CJD). This disease has occurred almost exclusively in the UK.

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