Is Norway/the NFSA prepared for an outbreak of mad cow disease?

Published 26.01.2015     Modified 25.02.2015

The NFSA rehearses regularly for outbreaks of serious animal diseases, and we have contingency plans in place for such cases. Even though we have not had any outbreaks of BSE in Norway, the way we work would be similar to that for other disease outbreaks.

At the outbreak of a serious animal disease, the NFSA constitutes a crisis team. The team works intensively to clarify the outbreak. All those who are affected by such an outbreak are informed continuously about our actions and the way forward.

Information to the public, the farming industry and other interested parties is a high priority. We encourage everyone to keep abreast of the situation by reading our website. We will give advice and make recommendations there on how people should relate to such an outbreak.

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