How Brexit will affect travelling to / from Norway with pets

Published 13.03.2019     Modified 15.03.2019

The Norwegian Food Safety authority (NFSA) recommends that you pay close attention to the rules when travelling to or from Britain with pets after March 29th.

In 2017, the UK government informed the European Union (EU) that they wanted to withdraw from the Union. The parties must agree on a withdrawal agreement and any transitional agreements before March 29th. The deadline may be extended if both parties agree.

If there is no withdrawal- or postponement agreement, Britain's EU membership will automatically cease on March 29 at 23:00 (GMT). Today, there is great uncertainty about whether or not the UK will leave the EU on March 29th, and whether this happens with or without agreement.

Brexit may affect pets returning to Norway

If Brexit takes place without an agreement, the EU regulations will no longer apply to the UK. This also applies to the regulation that states that one can travel freely between EU/EEA countries with pets, if one meets the relevant requirements.

Due to uncertainty about how the regulations will apply after March 29th, the Norwegian Food Safety Authority recommends that anyone planning to return to Norway from the UK after this date to reconsider whether it’s necessary to bring their pets. It is uncertain what the requirements for return to Norway will be, and you may risk having your animal being placed in a quarantine

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority will update this message as soon we have more information about the Brexit agreement.

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