Requirements for the import of stray dogs have been tightened

Published 18.09.2018     Modified 12.10.2018

Reason for the change

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority has been commissioned by the Norwegian parliament to stop the import of stray dogs into Norway.

The import of stray dogs involves a considerable risk of introducing diseases into Norway. It is impossible to give satisfactory health guarantees for these dogs.

The import has continued in spite of repeated warnings from many professional bodies over several years. The authorities are now putting a stop to this and limiting imports.

These are the changes from 1 July 2018:

  • If you arrive in Norway with a former stray dog, you must be prepared to document evidence that the dog has been in your ownership and under your control for at least 6 months before entering Norway.
  • Stray dogs are no longer considered as tradeanimals, which means that you can no longer use the rules for commercial import to fetch stray dogs from abroad.

In practice, this means that it is no longer possible to fetch stray dogs from abroad.

Normal holiday travel with pets is not affected

Normal holiday travel with pets is not affected by the tightening of the regulatory interpretation.

If you buy pedigree or working dogs from kennels in the EU, these dogs can be imported if accompanied by documentation showing that they are not stray dogs. Such documentation could e.g. be a pedigree certificate.

Norwegian dogs that are accompanied by a pet passport issued by a vet in Norway will not be affected by the change in regulatory interpretation.

Previously imported stray dogs will not be affected when brought back into Norway from abroad, provided there is documentary evidence that the dog was imported into Norway legally.

The same rules apply to cats with a similar background to stray dogs.

What is a stray dog?

Stray dog is a term that covers several kinds of dog, including:

  • Dogs from shelters
  • Ownerless dogs
  • Dogs with an unknown background
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