Areas declared free from Infectious salmon anaemia (ISA)

Published 05.06.2015     Modified 08.09.2021

Norway has declared and approved ILA-free areas based on historical freedom and targeted monitoring.

ISA-free farmFarm numberArea-ID*SubareaSuspended**
Femangervågen121124.1 Yes
Sjølseng/Hall 2129174.2 Yes
Sjølseng/Veksthall 1 og 2 i Hall 6129174.3 Yes
Rimstad180004.4 No


*Area-ID number refers to the number in the list of zones and compartments that are in category I for ISA (declared free) in the annex 2 of regulation FOR-2008-06-17-819

**Areas which are suspended cannot trade in susceptible species and vector species to other Member States, zones or compartments with ISA free status.

Areas declared free from ISA in Norway are published in BarentsWatch interactive map for disease cases.

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