Chemical products for drinking water treatment

Published 22.11.2016     Modified 11.02.2019

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority (Mattilsynet) approves chemical products used for drinking water treatment, according to Regulations Concerning Water Supply and Water Intended for Human Consumption, Section 14. In addition, we keep an updated list over the approved products for use in public water supply facilities. If you intend to apply for a new approval, fill in and submit the application form and the obligatory attachment given below.

Approved chemicals for drinking water treatment

Updated list over the approved chemicals for drinking water treatment.

The approval is valid for 10 years and is based on today`s knowledge. If essential changes are made in the product formulation, basis of our evaluation of health effects or status according to chemical regulation, the approval may become invalid.

The approval implies no guarantee of the water treating effect claimed, and shall therefore not be used in marketing purposes with this regard.

Technical water treatment equipment are not chemical products, unless the equipment produces a chemical product for water treatment.

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority assume that detergents that are used for cleaning of for instance drinking water pools, pumps, water distribution systems, filtration materials and drinking water filters are rinsed with clean water before the facility is used for production of drinking water. Therefore, these detergents do not need to be approved.

Be aware if the product consist of hazardous chemicals and/or biocides: These products have to be registered and evaluated by Norwegian Environment Agency; Miljødirektoratet

How to apply for an approval

Application form for approval of chemical products for drinking water treatment

Obligatory attachment to the Application form for approval of chemical products for drinking water treatment

The application must provide documentation that show the product/products used for drinking water treatment are suitable and that it will not pose a risk for human health.

The application form is intended for chemical products for use in drinking water treatment facilities in waterworks onshore, water production or delivery offshore, and water production on ships.

The manufacturer/importer is responsible for the product, including ensuring that the product is produced in accordance with good manufacturing practice (GMP).

All information in the application and the obligatory attachment has to be provided before we can process the application. The information in the obligatory attachment will be treated confidentially.

Change of product name

If you intend to change the name of an already approved product: The product composition and field of use must be the same. Please provide information that confirms that the product has not been changed since the last approval.


If you apply for a re-approval after 10 years: Provide information that confirms the product composition and that the field of application is the same as in the last approval. The following documentations has to be updated: obligatory attachment form, safety data sheets, certificate of analysis and specifications that shows quality/pureness. If possible, please refer to the previous reference number for the product assigned by Norwegian Food Safety Authority.

Charge of payment

Charge of payment is claimed according to “Regulation of payment of fees for special tasks from the Norwegian Food Safety Authority” (FOR-2004-02-13-406).

Send the application forms or email/letter to:, with copy to


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