Regulations on food supplements

Published 13.10.2014     Modified 05.10.2020

Food supplements are regulated by Regulation of 20 May 2004 No. 755 on food supplements (Forskrift om kosttilskudd), which implements provisions in Directive (EC) 2002/46 on food supplements (definition, requirements for labelling, presentation and advertising, nutrient declaration, lists of permitted vitamins, minerals and forms of them, purity criteria, etc.).

In addition, the regulation on food supplements contains national maximum limits for several vitamins and minerals in food supplements (in annex 1) and specific requirements for labelling of certain vitamins and minerals (in § 7). Maximum limits for other vitamins and minerals in food supplements are in progress, please see information about current processes for amending legislation concerning food supplements (unfortunately only in Norwegian).

Addition of certain “other substances” to food supplements are also regulated by supplementary national provisions, please see below.

The food supplement regulation § 10 impose a compulsory notification of food supplements marketed in Norway. However, this obligation to notify has not entered into force (as can be read from the footnote in § 10). However, please note that there are specific notification requirements for some cases of addition of “other substances” to food supplements (and foods).

As food supplements are foods, they are in addition covered by all legislation applying to foods in general, for example legislation on novel foods, food information, nutrition and health claims, additives, contaminants, etc.

Other substances

The addition of certain “other substances” to food supplements is regulated in Regulation 26 February 2010 No. 247 on addition of vitamins, minerals and certain other substances to foods. Read more about these Norwegian provisions here: Amendments regarding the national provisions on the addition of vitamins, minerals and “other substances” to foods| The Norwegian Food Safety Authority.

Novel food

Novel foods are regulated by Regulation 25 July 2017 No. 1215 on novel foods, which implements Regulation (EU) 2015/2283 and other EU regulations on novel foods.

Medicinal products

Medicinal products are subject to the legislation on medicinal products, which is administered by the Norwegian Medicines Agency (NoMA). Please find information on classification of products according to the definition of a medicinal product at the web pages of NoMA.

Registration of food business

Food businesses operating on the Norwegian market must be registered in the NFSA reporting system.

Commercial import of food to Norway

Please find information about general obligations for importers of food to Norway from both EU/EEA countries and third countries.


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