Norwegian Official List of Varieties

Published 01.07.2021     Modified 02.07.2021

  • The Norwegian Official List of Varieties lists the varieties approved for certified production of plant propagating material in Norway.
  • To be approved and listed, the variety must be distinct from other known varieties, uniform, and retain its characteristics in propagation. This is investigated using the so-called DUS test, (Distinct, Uniform, Stable). 
  • For cereals, potatoes and fodder plants, there are additional requirements for the cultivation and utilisation potential. These are investigated using the so called VCU (Value for Cultivation and Use) test. The variety must also have an acceptable name and a responsible maintainer.
  • The list also includes varieties approved as «conservation varieties» or «varieties developed for growing under particular conditions». There are other requirements for the approval of these cathegories of varieties.
  • The Norwegian Official List of Varieties is normally issued five times a year: 30/1, 30/3, 30/5, 30/8 og 30/11. Amendments to the list is published in the «Official Notices of Plant Breeder's Right and the National List of Varieties» issued by the Norwegian Plant Variety Board.
  • Varieties of potato, listed in the EU Common Catalogue, can be registered for the production of seed potatoes in Norway, according to the regulation on seed potatoes. A list of such registered potato varieties can be found at the back of the Norwegian Official List of Varieties. These varieties are marked with an (*). 

Current issue of the Norwegian Official List of Varieties

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