Imports of strawberry plants

Published 10.11.2015     Modified 05.07.2017

Import of plant material of strawberry (Fragaria) to Norway is allowed on certain conditions

Amendments to allow imports of strawberry plants apply from 1 January 2015.

Major requirements are:

  • The strawberry plants must be produced according to EPPO Certification scheme for strawberry (PM 4/11 (2))
  • Production of certified plants consists schematically of three different classes with different requirements for production and control; nuclear stock, propagation stock and certified stock. Of certified stock, only the first generation can be imported.
  • Plants for further plant production and sale should be propagation stock, grown in insect-proof glasshouse or gauzehouse
  • From 1. of January 2015, two new pests were regulated as quarantine pests into the "Regulation relating to plants and measures against pests", with a zero-tolerance on import.

In addition to these requirements, all relevant general provisions in the regulations relating to plants and measures against pests apply.

Regulations related to plants and measures against pests.

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