Leaching to groundwater

Published 01.06.2015     Modified 04.01.2017

Whether a plant protection product (active substance and its metabolites) will leach to groundwater depends on a number of factors, e.g. topography, climate, properties of the active substance/metabolites, and parameters related to the use of the product such as application rate, application timing and crop type.

We use the model MACRO 5.5.4 and Norwegian and Swedish scenarios to assess the risk of leaching of the active substance and metabolites of a plant protection product to groundwater under Norwegian conditions. You can download the MACRO 5.5.4 model from the FOCUS web page. You will find the necessary files (two .mdb files and two .bin files) for the Norwegian scenarios below:


  1. The database files (crops.mdb and focus.mdb) can only be used to run the Norwegian scenarios in MACRO 5.5.4. For scenarios other than the Norwegian scenarios, the databases that are included in the FOCUS MACRO 5.5.4 installation package should be used. Therefore, after running Norwegian MACRO scenarios, be sure to reinstate the FOCUS database files in MACRO 5.5.4 before running anything else than Norwegian scenarios.

  2. The simulations for the scenarios are correct when running the simulations from within the MACRO-FOCUS GUI. However, when exporting the simulations to a parameter file and running the simulation outside of the MACRO-FOCUS GUI (using the “exeparfile.exe” tool), wrong output variables are selected. Therefore, make sure that the simulations are run within the MACRO-FOCUS GUI.

The instructions for the installation of the scenarios and more background information can be found in the following report by Geosigma:

Please see the project reports listed below for more information about the development of the Norwegian scenarios:

If the metabolites of an active substance are predicted to reach groundwater above concentrations of 0.1 µg/L, an assessment of the relevance of the metabolites according to the Guidance Document on the relevance of metabolites in groundwater (SANCO/221/2000 – rev.10) must be delivered.

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Paulien Jakobje Mulder, rådgiver, avdeling nasjonale godkjenninger, tlf. +47 22 77 91 56

Contact information

Paulien Jakobje Mulder, rådgiver, avdeling nasjonale godkjenninger, tlf. +47 22 77 91 56