Mutual recognition

Published 01.06.2015     Modified 26.02.2021

Mutual recognition of an authorisation allows you to apply for approval for a product based on an authorisation of the same product in another member state (reference member state). The legal basis for mutual recognition is article 40 in the plant protection products Regulation (EC) No. 1107/2009.

What are the requirements for an application of mutual recognition?

If you wish to apply for mutual recognition you must demonstrate that the risk assessment (all safety aspects, efficacy and crop safety) supporting the authorisation of the product in the reference member state is relevant to Norwegian conditions and requirements.

You will find the requirements as well as description of the procedure in the following guidances from our overview of guidances:

  • The latest edition of the Guidance document on work-sharing in the Northern Zone (A1)
  • Guidance on the application of mutual recognition in Norway under Regulation (EC) No. 1107/2009 (A2)
  • The latest edition of the EU-guidance SANCO/13169/2010 (Guidance document on zonal evaluation and mutual recognition under Regulation (EC) No 1107/2009) (A6)
  • The latest edition of Northern Zone guidance paper efficacy version (A2.1)
  • Guidance of number of trials in the northern zone (A2.2)

Who may apply?

The authorisation holder, official or scientific bodies involved in agricultural activities or professional agricultural organisations may apply for mutual recognition.

How to apply

For planning purposes, you are welcome to pre-notify your application by email some months in advance.

Use the form below for your application:

Submit the application to

Send the documentation by post or courier to:

Mattilsynet, national registrations department
Glynitveien 30

1400 Ski


If the product is authorised in the reference member state through the EU database Plant Protection Products Application Management System (PPPAMS), you may also use the PPPAMS-database to apply for mutual recognition in Norway.

Procedure and case handling time

The case handling time for an application of mutual recognition is 120 days from when the application and the documentation is complete.

1.Application may be pre-notified 
2.Application received 
3.Completeness check
The NFSA sends feedback to the applicant after CC
21 d
4.The NFSA orders an agronomical assessment 
5.The e-fate and ecotox groups assess the documentation
If necessary, additional documentation may be requested from the applicant 1 time only

In case of denial based on environmental concerns:
The decision is finalised and sent to the applicant

In case of approval:
All other working groups assess the documentation

70 d
7.The mammalian tox, residues and phys-chem groups assess the documentation
If necessary, additional documentation may be requested from the applicant 1 time only
8.The decision is finalised and sent to the applicant120 d
9.The product label is approved and given a registration number 
10.The label with registration number is published on the NFSA website 

After you have received a decision from the Norwegian Food Safety Authority

As an authorisation holder or importer of a plant protection product, you have some obligations after the assessment is completed.

Read more about requirements for the authorisation holder and importer after the decision. 

If you wish to make an appeal against our decision, you may do so within three weeks after you receive the decision. The appeal should be directed to the Norwegian Food Safety Authority, Greater Oslo Region -


We will charge you with a fee for evaluating your application of approval of a plant protection product. You will find the fees for mutual recognition (“Godkjenning av preparater» – «Gjensidig godkjenning”) in attachment 1, chapter III, part B in forskrift om betaling av gebyrer for særskilte ytelser fra Mattilsynet (Norwegian).

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