Imports of plant Protection Products

Published 10.11.2015     Modified 13.11.2015

Enterprises must register with the Norwegian Food Safety Authority (Mattilsynet) in order to import plant protection products to Norway.

As of 1.6.2015, new regulations concerning plant protection products entered into force. The requirements for imports to Norway of plant protection products were amended.

Major requirements are:

  • All enterprises must register with Mattilsynet to be allowed to import, cf. § 10 of the Regulation on plant protection products.
  • Importers shall have responsible personnel with sufficient professional expertise to be able to give guidance to distributors, and to act as a contact person for Mattilsynet, cf. § 10.
  • All importers shall introduce and perform internal control according to the requirements in § 12.
  • They also need to have facilities that comply with the storage requirements in § 24.
  • Amendments to the registered information shall be reported as soon as possible, and no later than three weeks after the amendments took place, cf. § 10.

The form to register an enterprise as importer of plant protection products is found in “Mattilsynets skjematjenester” (in Norwegian)

You will need an ID-number that you get when you register as a Business Enterprise (see below). 

Foreign enterprises

A foreign enterprise that wishes to do business in Norway, can register a branch of the foreign enterprise in Norway. Other legislation will then apply, in addition to the requirements of importers, such as legislation on registration in the Register of Business Enterprises, and tax legislation.

For your information, we enclose some links to other public information on the topic. This is not a complete survey of other relevant legislation. For more information about doing business in Norway, we refer to the relevant Norwegian authorities.

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