Helse- og miljørisikovurdering av plantevernmidlet Talius – Proquinazid

Publisert 26.06.2012     Sist endret 12.10.2017

Fra Mattilsynets bestilling til Vitenskapskomiteen for Mattrygghet

"Talius is a new product containing the new active substance proquinazid. The application is for use against cereal powdery mildew (Blumeria graminis) in cereals and grass seed.

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority would like, in this regard, an assessment of the following: The human health risk for operators related to the properties of Talius and proquinazid. The Panel is in particular asked to look at the following:

  • The effects seen in studies on dog and if these effects warrant a classification for chronic toxicity.
    • The oncogenic effects in liver and thyroid.
    • The establishment of NOAELs and reference values (ADI, AOEL and ARfD).
    • Dermal absorption.
    • The classification and labeling of the active substance and the product.
  • The fate and behaviour in the environment and the ecotoxicological effects and risks with regard to the properties of Talius and proquinazid."

Se VKM - Helse- og miljørisikovurdering av plantevernmiddelet Talius

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