Helserisikovurdering av plantevernmidlet Plenum 50 WG – Pymetrozin

Publisert 26.06.2012     Sist endret 17.10.2017

Fra Mattilsynets bestilling til Vitenskapskomiteen for Mattrygghet

"Plenum 50 WG is a new product containing the new active substance pymetrozine. The application is for use against different pests in ornamentals, lettuce, cucumber, and tomato in greenhouse, and against pollen beetles in oilseed- and turnip rapes.

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority would like, in this regard, an assessment of the following:

The human health risk for operators related to the properties of the active substance and the product. The Panel is in particular asked to look at the following:

  • The effects seen in studies on dog and if these effects warrant a classification for chronic toxicity.
    • The oncogenic effects in liver and lungs.
    • The effects on reproduction and if the effects seen in teratology studies warrant a classification for developmental toxicity.
    • The genotoxicity of metabolite CGA 300407.
    • The establishment of NOAELs and reference values (ADI, AOEL and ARfD).
  • The classification and labeling of the active substance and the product."

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