Miljørisikovurdering av plantevernmidlet Bontima – Cyprodinil + Isopyrazam

Publisert 26.06.2012     Sist endret 12.10.2017

Fra Mattilsynets bestilling til Vitenskapskomiteen for Mattrygghet

"Bontima is a new fungicide containing the active substances cyprodinil and isopyrazam. Cyprodinil is already approved in several products, but isopyrazam is a new active substance in Norway. Bontima is a fungicide against diseases in winter and spring barley.

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority would like, in this regard, an assessment of the following

The fate and behaviour in the environment and the ecotoxicological effects and risks with regard to the properties of Bontima and the active substances. The Panel is particularly asked to look at the following:

  • The persistence of isopyrazam and its metabolites
  • The leaching potential of isopyrazam and its metabolites"

Se VKM: Miljørisikovurdering av plantevernmiddelet Bontima

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