Forsøksdyr: Cellular immune response of Atlantic salmon following vaccination

Godkjenningsdato 23.10.2018

Godkjenningsperiode 20.10.2018-05.12.2018

Infectious diseases are a constant challenge to the Norwegian aquaculture industry. To reduce or prevent the number of disease outbreaks, Atlantic salmon are vaccinated against a number of bacterial and viral pathogens. However, disease outbreaks can still happen, as some of the vaccines used today are not 100% effective. In addition, new pathogens can emerge, requiring the design and manufacture of new vaccines.
The salmon cellular immune response to vaccines and adjuvants is not well understood. In this study we propose to use multicolour flow cytometry to study the cellular immune response of Atlantic salmon following vaccination with a monovalent bacterial vaccine or a monovalent viral vaccine. The results of this project will increase our knowledge of the cellular response to vaccines an adjutants, and may help us to design better vaccine in the future. This study has been carried out earlier (ID 7611), and now will be carried out with fewer individuals to repeat and possibly confirm some fo the results.