Forsøksdyr: Cyclopterus lumpus body weight syndrom (copy)

Godkjenningsdato 19.02.2020

Godkjenningsperiode 03.03.2020-01.08.2020

1 Formål: To clarify how lumpus fingerlings react to food deprivation during farming conditions

2 Skadevirkninger: Food deprivation may cause an impact on lumpus ability to control bodyweight, osmoregulation, and reduce tolerance to anaesthetics

3 Forventet nytteverdi: To significantly reduce present lumpus farming mortality

4 Antall dyr og art: Cyclopterus Lumpus ("Rognkjeks") - total of: 1.160 individuals

5 Hvordan etterleve 3R: Only live animals may be used. The syndrom to be documented/investigated has previously never been documented (in any vertebrate).Thus, no relevant information exists. Statistical power analyses will be used to minimize number of animals, but at the same time secure valid results. The study will use a protocol of food deprivation (freeliving northern lumpfish probably exhibit an anorectic condition as an environmental winter adaption) and known protocols for exposure to anaesthetics and salinities.