Forsøksdyr: D2725: Treatment of Atlantic salmon infested with salmon lice

Godkjenningsdato 11.02.2020

Godkjenningsperiode 11.02.2020-10.01.2022

The main goal of this study is to see whether the use of electrostatic fields and a modified low intensity light over time can reduce the salmon lice levels on Atlantic salmon.

The fish will be infested with copepodits of salmon lice which will develop into adult salmon lice before the fish is euthanized. We consider this moderately stressful.

If the results indicate that the treatment has an effect on salmon lice infestation on Atlantic salmon, this could be used as an easy, non-intrusive method for salmon lice control.

The application is for 400 Atlantic salmon >150 grams, with a duration of 43 days.

The number of fish used is kept to a minimum to allow sufficient sampling and ensuring good behavioral conditions for the salmon throughout the experiment. The fish will be acclimated to the different treatments one week prior to infection. In order to minimize stress and the potential for wounds from salmon lice feeding on the fish, the trial is terminated just after the salmon lice reach the adult stage. Infection of salmon with salmon lice is conducted without any handling of the fish and with continuous water flow, reducing stress during infection.