Forsøksdyr: Deciphering the anti-inflammatory effects of flavonoids

Godkjenningsdato 02.01.2020

Godkjenningsperiode 01.04.2020-01.04.2024

1 Purpose
Flavanoids are molecules found in a variety of fruits and vegetables that are known to induce broad health benefits. In this project we want to decipher the mechanisms by which flavonoids induce anti-inflammatory effects.

2 Distress
During this project, some level of distress/pain is expected in the chemically-induced intestinal inflammation model (dextrane sodium sulphate (DSS) treatment).

3 Expected benefit
We will understand the mechanisms by which flavonoids protect from inflammation. This knowledge may
contribute to the development of new anti-inflammatory drugs.

4 Number of animals, and what kind
We want to use laboratory mice (wild-type and transgenic mice). A total number of 1106 mice is expected to be used.

5 How to adhere to 3R
The use of animals is unavoidable since we want to study inflammatory mechanisms with a special focus on the gastro-intestinal tract (inter-organ/tissue communication) and the connection with the gut microbiota. We will use the minimum number of animals required for our analysis and we will monitor closely the well being of the animals.