Forsøksdyr: Dental stem cells for regeneration of calvarial bone defects in rats

Godkjenningsdato 21.11.2018

Godkjenningsperiode 21.11.2018-20.11.2022

The aim of this project is to identify new and minimally-invasive tissue sources of stem cells for bone regeneration. There is a clinical need for developing new techniques for bone regeneration to avoid invasive grafting procedures. Stem cell therapy is one such alternative. However, traditional sources of stem cells such as bone marrow are also invasive to harvest and may not always yield high quality stem cells especially in older patients. Dental tissues such as gingiva and periodontal ligament are much less invasive to harvest and are routinely removed during dental surgery. Thus, dental tissue may provide a less-invasive alternative to bone marrow as a source of stem cells for bone regeneration. Preliminary in vitro experiments have been performed to confirm the presence of stem cells in these dental tissues, including their bone regeneration potential. However, their ability to regenerate bone must be confirmed in vivo prior to their clinical application. Therefore, the aim of this project is to test the in vivo bone regeneration potential of stem cells from human dental tissues in the calvarial bone defects in immunocompromised Nude rats. The least required number of animals will be used and 2 calvarial bone defects per animal will be prepared to reduce the total number of animals. All experiments will be performed under the appropriate analgesic/anaesthetic protocols to minimize pain and distress. Animals will be monitored throughout the duration of the experiments to ensure minimal distress. The rat calvarial bone defect model has been well-performed in previous studies by our group (e.g. 3863, 4903, 6483, 6866, 12936).