Forsøksdyr: Evaluating the roles of STAMP1/2 in a prostate cancer mouse model for metastasis

Godkjenningsdato 04.01.2018

Godkjenningsperiode 10.01.2018-30.09.2018

Our laboratory is studying proteins that are implicated in the progression of prostate cancer. We have previously identified a number of genes whose products may be involved in this process. Among these proteins, we are interested in analyzing the possible role of STAMP1 and STAMP2, two androgen regulated six-transmembrane proteins, in prostate cancer progression. Our previous in vitro and in vivo experiments have showed that both STAMP1 and STAMP2 are critical for prostate cancer cell proliferation, migration and invasion. However, whether they also play roles in the in vivo metastasis of prostate cancer, the fatal stage of the disease, is unknown. The goal of the current study is to evaluate this possibility. To that end, we will engraft prostate cancer cell lines (either wild type or those in which STAMP expression was knocked down) stably expressing Renilla luciferase into the circulation of nude mice, which will be monitored weekly for the establishment of metastases. This experiment will help assess whether loss of STAMP1 and/or STAMP2 affects tumor cell extravasation and form metastases in an animal model.