Forsøksdyr: Evaluation of health promoting diets against sea lice

Godkjenningsdato 26.01.2018

Godkjenningsperiode 05.03.2018-31.08.2020

Atlantic salmon will be infected with controlled levels of sea lice and fed diets containing authorized food additives to test their effects against sea lice. Expected distress for the fish is minimal. Dietary management is part of an integrated pest management strategy to improve fish welfare. 5400 post smolt salt water adapted Atlantic salmon will be used in a series of experiments. Fish handling and sea lice infection challenge protocols will follow Skretting ARC standard operating procedures. Fish will be euthanized with MS-222 (TMS) and terminally sampled. These experiments will build on earlier experiments (Id 8286 and ID 10310) by furthering scientific and practical knowledge about sea lice infestation and response to dietary management.