Forsøksdyr: Improving flesh quality in salmonids-part II

Godkjenningsdato 22.05.2018

Godkjenningsperiode 28.05.2018-31.10.2018

This experiment is a followup to experiment ID 9479. The aim of the experiment is to develop a model to improve fillet quality in Atlantic salmon. Once a model is established then the effects of different management techniques upon fillet quality can be assessed. This will improve fish welfare and result in less downgrades at harvest. The expected distress for the animals is minimal. 2400 pit tagged Atlantic salmon (ID 15387) will be used in the experiment and followed from vaccination until they reach approximately 600 g. Fish handling protocols will follow Skretting ARC standard operating procedures. Pit tagging of the fish will allow reduction of the number of tanks and in turn number of fish used in the experiment. Fish will be euthanised with MS-222 (TMS) and terminally sampled.