Forsøksdyr: Interactions between vaccines and immunostimulants

Godkjenningsdato 05.06.2018

Godkjenningsperiode 05.06.2018-01.10.2019

Recent observations from the industry indicate that functional feeds/immune stimulants used in combination with some vaccines can be associated with vertebral compressions and dislocations in the tail region. Deformities in this region do normally develop after transfer to seawater (Fjelldal et al. 2007, 2009).

In the present study we will test whether different ‘compounds’ (vaccines, vaccine candidates, vaccine ingredients, saline) in combination with a functional feed ingredient influence on the vertebral column in Atlantic salmon. The study will be done under semicommercial condition and we expect the study to give only mild sideeffects.

2580 fish will be pittaged and vaccinated with one of 6 compounds (3 commercial vaccines, saline and 2 testvaccines) and distributed evenly into 6 tanks (430 in each tank). When the fish are ready for seawatertransfer 30 fish from each tank will be sampled and the rest (400) will be transferred to 6 seacages. The fish in three of the cages will be fed an experiemental feed comparable to commercial diet and the other three cages will be fed the same feed with, but in periods with an addition of an immunstimulant.

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