Forsøksdyr: Kjerneavl IEMF

Godkjenningsdato 22.10.2020

Godkjenningsperiode 15.11.2020-14.11.2024

1 Formål
Heart failure is a common, costly and highly morbid disease, with millions of patients worldwide. We have about 200 000 heart failure patients in Norway. The Institute for Experimental Medical Research (IEMR) at Oslo University Hospital (OUH) is a translational cardiology research institution which produces important scientific knowledge with the use of mouse models at its center. Such results have high scientific and societal value.
This project encompasses i) core breeding and ii) genetic background control of research mice in use at IEMR, all already being FOTS-approved for housing, breeding and experiments at KPM US. This project is financially covered by IEMR, and not the individual research projects, as an important quality control measure of the research mice and data produced from these, from IEMR.
The project consists of two parts. First, the genetic background integrity for all genetically modified (GM) mouse strains at the institute needs to be verified. This will be done by single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) analysis of tail biopsies. Second, controlled breeding will take place to maintain, or if necessary, correct the genetic background composition. GM animals will be bred to wild type animals from commercial vendors with their own genetic testing programs. This breeding is not expected to alter the phenotypes of the GM mice, but is a measure done to secure the proper genetic background and avoid genetic background drifting which could cause a change in phenotype. Animals with a verified genetic composition will be supplied back to the respective research projects.
2 Skadevirkninger
A minority of the mice will have to undergo a tail biopsy (size up to 10 mm). The overwhelming majority will only be tagged using a simple ID method (ear punching). During the project we will work towards shortening the tail biopsy as much as possible without losing SNP analysis data quality.
3 Forventet nytteverdi
We expect the colony of mice to have less variation and be able to supply the research groups at IEMR with mice optimized for gender, age and genetics. This will contribute to more robust data and reduced requirements for animals in each experiment
4 Antall dyr og art
17500 inbred mice
5 Hvordan etterleve 3R
(Replace) The project will supply research projects with mice where the replacement has been considered and a need for animal experimentation has been supported.
(Reduce) By using a breeding core the same lines of animals can be supplied to varied projects and obliterate the need to breed all lines in separate projects.
(Refine) Mice in the breeding core will be subject to backcrossing onto verified inbred mice to conform to these standards.