Forsøksdyr: Method development/ optimization: Oral intubation of Atlantic salmon

Godkjenningsdato 17.08.2018

Godkjenningsperiode 17.08.2018-17.08.2020

Delivering therapeutic substances to fish through feed is an attractive and effective method in aquaculture. A proper oral intubation method that is effective and safe for the fish is required in the initial phases of in-feed therapeutic product development against different diseases and especially parasites where the availability of vaccines is non-existent. The studies that come under this application will first and foremost evaluate negative effects of oral intubation, if any, on the fish. Additionally, the effectiveness of the oral intubation method will be assessed using different methods of oral intubation.

The fish used in this study will be freshwater reared Atlantic salmon parrs of approximately 50-120g size. Total fish used will be 328.There will be a short term discomfort to the fish during the oral intubation procedure and hence the studies will be classified as causing mild distress to the fish.

The studies performed will help design new therapeutics for fish that can be delivered through feed which will result in minimal stress to the fish when compared to injection or bath administration.

Replacement of live fish is not possible in this study as alternative methods are not available. The number of fish that will be used will be the minimum required based on studies of similar nature and statistical considerations.Mortality will not be an endpoint in this study and fish found exhibitng distress will be removed from the study and euthanized.