Forsøksdyr: PET-Brain imaging of non CNS drugs facilitated by K16ApoE (copy)

Godkjenningsdato 21.12.2018

Godkjenningsperiode 21.12.2018-30.01.2020

To address the feasibility of imaging neural receptors using compounds that normally do not enter the brain in an appreciative degree for visualization with PET, we are synthesized the 36 amino acid (AA) peptide K16ApoE which renders the blood-brain barrier (BBB) transiently open for drugs that normally don penetrate the BBB. The GnRH-receptor (Gonadotropin releasing hormone) is expressed in the hippocampus, we will use our own developed potent 18F-GnRH peptide which we know from our previous studies do not enter the brain.

We will study brain uptake and the pharmacokinetics of the 18F-labeleds peptide in animals pretreated with K16ApoE. The outcome of our study will evaluate the effectiveness of K16ApoE as powerful preclinical tool in neuroimaging and CNS drug development.