Forsøksdyr: Providing animal data for the development of in silico biodistribution algorithm development

Godkjenningsdato 17.01.2020

Godkjenningsperiode 17.01.2020-17.02.2021

1 Formål
To perfome a biodistribution study of a nanoformulated drug (cabazitaxel) and the drug in free form. The data will be used as an input function to a data model of biodistribution of nanomedicine. This model will hopefully reduce the cost and use of animals in future studies.

2 Skadevirkninger
The animals will be given a cytostatic drug, but only one dose. We do not foresee any complications from this.

3 Forventet nytteverdi
Reduction of use of animals and cost when developing nanomedicine.

4 Antall dyr og art
Rattus Norwegicus (Wistar) 70 st

5 Hvordan etterleve 3R
The groups are kept relatively small but the samples collected for analysis will be above 1000. The animals used have free access to food, drinking water and environmental enrichement.