Forsøksdyr: Redox control in RAS

Godkjenningsdato 09.12.2020

Godkjenningsperiode 04.01.2021-30.06.2021

This study is to evaluate a novel technology for improved health welfare and growth of Atlantic salmon parr, smolts and post smolts in recirculating aquaculture systems. The study will deploy the technology that injects Hydrogas (ionically restructured water) into 2 RAS systems and 2 conventional control systems. The fish will grow normally and at a stocking density that is not going to cause any distress but the fish are expected to eat and behave normally. In other pilot trials overseas, the addition of hydrogas has been associated with reduced commercial mortality and improved growth, health and welfare. However, Atlantic salmon have not been tested. The test will use a total of 500 Atlantic salmon parr (125 fish per tank) and grow them for 4 weeks, then induce smoltification for 4 weeks before transfer to seawater (15 ppt) for a further 4 week on growth as post-smolts. This study is designed to test a technology that could potentially improve water quality and production in RAS aquaculture. The use of fish is unavoidable since this is the target of the technologyand improving production. The number of fish used is a minimum to ensure that stocking densities that approach commercial conditions.