Forsøksdyr: Safety and efficacy of an oil-based vaccine for lump fish (Cyclopterus loupes)

Godkjenningsdato 09.02.2018

Godkjenningsperiode 09.02.2018-11.07.2018

The purpose of this project is to improve the welfare and survival of lump fish (Cyclopterus loupes) during their commercial life cycle in Norway, an issue of high concern for both farmers and Authorities.
Salmon Industry is adapting to this new species but development of new commercial vaccines requires years of research and development. We aim to provide a rapid solution to this matter by testing an already existing commercial vaccine against two of the main pathogens affecting the health of lump suckers by performing a safety and the efficiency test.

Trial 1: Safety test. 150 lump fish (Cyclopterus loupes).
Trail 2: Efficacy test. 315 vaccinates + 135 pre-challenge = 450 lump fish.
In total 600 lump fish.

Expected distress for the animals will be mostly during the challenge phase in efficacy test, although as general practice within the aquaculture industry prior injection they will be anesthetized and let to recover afterwards. We foresee a mortality of at least 60% of the fish at the control group.

There is no alternative way to test the safety and efficacy of the vaccines in lump fish due to lack of in vitro evaluation methods for vaccine trials. It is a statistically minimum number of fish to evaluate the safety and efficacy.