Forsøksdyr: Test the safety of substances w, x y and z in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar)

Godkjenningsdato 13.11.2018

Godkjenningsperiode 12.12.2018-12.12.2020

Parasite A causes serious losses to the Atlantic salmon farming industry and several methods have been employed (both physical and chemical) to reduce its effect on farmed salmon. At present there is a strong need for developing new active ingredients that can target parasite A but at the same time these substances should be safe for fish. Substances w, x, y and z are different forms of the same chemical class and will be tested for safety through a bath treatment trial in Atlantic salmon. As the safety of these chemicals in salmon is not established, the experiments will be classified as severe. If the test substances are proved to be safe to fish then they could be developed as highly efficacious active ingredients against parasite A in salmon.

A total of 140 Atlantic salmon parrs reared in fresh water will be used in the study. There are no alternatives to the safety testing of chemical substances on fish at present but the number of dose groups (and therefore fish numbers) has been optimized due to prior knowledge on invitro efficacy. The fish will be housed in a favourable light regime and water quality will be monitored. Humane endpoint will be implemented ie. fish showing distress, unable to swim and lying on the back, showing abnormal behaviour etc. will be caught and euthanized using an anesthetic overdose.