Forsøksdyr: Toxicity assessment of an antifouling agent to Salmon smoult

Godkjenningsdato 14.06.2018

Godkjenningsperiode 14.06.2018-30.04.2019

The purpose of the study is to determine the toxicity of an antifouling agent to the seawater salmon smoult. The antifouling agent is planned for potential use to coat fish nets in aquaculture facilities and they wish to know the toxicity of the chemical (trade name ECONEA) to fish, and salmon smoult in particular. The Acute fish bioassay (OECD203) will be used within a flow-through system at the research station in Solbergstrand. The treatments will include five concentrations plus a control with seven fish per treatment. Following the OECD203 guideline 7 fish pre treatment is the minimum amount of fish that should be used. A range finder will be performed first in order to optimize the concentration range for the main fish test. Chemical concentrations will be measured every 24 hours for both the range finder and the main test. This will ensure that the fish are exposed to the correct concentration during testing.