Forsøksdyr: Breeding of CD1d ko, C57BL/6, CD1d-flox, Asbt-cre, Flox-Cre, Va19Tg, CAST, CAST.MR1 -/- and Va19Tg-MR1 mice (

Godkjenningsdato 11.12.2020

Godkjenningsperiode 14.02.2021-13.02.2025

The purpose of this application is to keep CD1d ko, ApoC3, C57BL/6J, CD1d-flox, Asbt-cre, Flox-Cre, Va19Tg, MR1 -/- and Va19Tg-MR1 mice running in our lab, and provide genemodified animals and controls for other experiments. Since no intervention except ear tag will be performed on them, there is very little expected distress for the animals. The breeding will be the base for other animal experiments using these lines. We plan 600 CD1d, 1200 C57BL/6, 600 CD1d-flox, 600 Asbt-cre, 600 Flox-cre, 600 Va19Tg mice, 600 MR1 -/- and 600 Va19Tg-MR1 mice. Breeding pairs will set to the the smallest size when there is no experiment for gene modified