Forsøksdyr: Breeding of NSG mice

Godkjenningsdato 14.08.2020

Godkjenningsperiode 14.08.2020-13.08.2024

The object of this application is to breed this strain for cancer research purposes. The mice will be assigned to different experiments when they are 6 weeks old.

These mice have severe defects in host immunity, affecting the proliferation and maturation of most T- B- and NK cell populations, but they are fully viable.

3.Expected benefit
NSG mice are the only animals which will successfully engraft a manner of human cell lines and patient material, essential to development of therapeutics.

4.Number of animals, what kind
We plan to breed 2000 immune-deficient mice. The number of animals is predicted use by our group and collaborating groups using this strain.

5.How to adhere to3R
The only in vitro alternative is the use of cell lines and primary patient material in culture. However, these results do not always translate into efficacy in intact biological entities.In addition, we cannot using cell culture studies evaluate systemic toxic or efficacy effects, thus the use of animal models are unavoidable.
We'll try to reduce the number of animals by using an optimum number of breeding pairs.
Animals will be closely monitored by experienced technicians than can very early discover any sign of illness and take the decision of euthanasia, if necessary. All cages will have environmental enrichment available at Vivarium.