Forsøksdyr: Documentation of new product for fish-net treatment

Godkjenningsdato 20.05.2020

Godkjenningsperiode 22.05.2020-06.11.2020

The purpose of the trial is documentation of product safety of an antifouling perpetrate for use in commercial aquaculture. The trial will aim to confirm no adverse effects in Atlantic salmon by exposing the fish to finished prepared fish nets shown to have antifouling properties in earlier studies. As this antifoulant is both biodegradable and degrades in seawater this product could lower environmental impact of the aquaculture industry by reducing the use of copper oxide based antifouling paints in the industry.
This trial will require 1440 Atlantic salmon in total to catch potential acute or chronic effects caused by the nets. This number includes controls. In total four concentrations and forms of the active ingredient will be tested and compared to antifouling properties.
Toxicity tests have been done in Rainbow trout and concentrations expected in the water for this trial are below predicted no-effect concentrations (PNEC). The fish numbers are reduced in order to be able to accurately follow a group with a robust sampling regime where unforeseen chronic effects can be measured.