Forsøksdyr: Feed additives to promote intestinal health in Atlantic salmon

Godkjenningsdato 08.05.2018

Godkjenningsperiode 08.05.2018-31.12.2018

Salmon farming industry is expected to grow rapidly in the coming years and this necessitates the use of alternative ingredients in the feeds of Atlantic salmon. It is known that certain plant ingredients cause intestinal inflammation in the fish as they contain antinutrients like saponin. This is a welfare issue and therefore suitable solutions have to be found to reduce the suffering of the farmed fish. In this proposed study, we aim to examine a commercially available feed premix to understand if it can alleviate intestinal inflammation caused by saponins. We will use molecular and histological methods to assess the extent of the intestinal inflammation caused by the dietary plant components, and in parallel, to evaluate the reduction of inflammation achieved through the application of the feed premix. If the feed additive is found effective we can recommend the industry to adopt a nutritional strategy for better health management.

During the proposed feeding study, the saponin in the feed is expected to cause enteritis (inflammation of intestine) in the particular group of experimental animals. The effects may be greater during the initial period of feeding, and eventually the fish may regain homeostasis. Though not life-threatening, the animals may have a reduction in feed utilisation during the term of the study. A total of 400 fish will be employed in the study.
Replacement is not possible as we want to demonstrate the benefit of our experimental procedure for better health management for farmed salmon. We intend to use only the minimum number of fish for the study. The sacrifice of a small number of fish for better welfare of fish in the farms can therefore be viewed positively from an ethical stand-point. The procedures to be implemented in project are considered to cause only moderate suffering for the fish. The fish will be sacrificed at the end of the study as per the approved procedures.