Forsøksdyr: Proteinkilder i dietten og tarmbakterienes rolle

Godkjenningsdato 24.04.2018

Godkjenningsperiode 01.08.2018-01.03.2019

The main aim is to determine the impact of the intestinal bacteria in obesity development between diets based on different protein sources. The impact of diets based on different protein sources will be evaluated in mice with and without restrained gut bacteria. Furthermore the experiment aims to examine the transferability of gut bacteria from mice fed one diet to another, in order to determine if the obesity promoting or anti obesogenic effect of the diet can be transferred through the gut bacteria. The findings of this study will be of importance to determine the direct causative effect of the changing gut bacteria in response to different diets. 145 male C57Bl/6J mice will be included in this animal trial. All animal handling will be performed by experienced staff, and care is taken to minimize stress imposed on the animals under testing. No invasive procedures are planned during the experiment.