Forsøksdyr: RAS feeds for Atlantic salmon post-smolts

Godkjenningsdato 16.07.2020

Godkjenningsperiode 20.07.2020-31.03.2001

1 Purpose
This study is designed to test how RAS diets affect fish performance and water quality. Additionally, the performance of fish fed on these diets in the post-smolt phase will be assessed in a common garden marine grow-out test.

2 Distress
Fish will be PIT tagged for individual growth determination and will be handled during transfer from the RAS system to the grow-out tanks, otherwise no expected distress would occur.

3 Expected benefit.
This would assess the optimal diet for use in RAS in terms of fish growth and water quality.

4 Number of animals, and what kind
In total up to 2500 Atlantic salmon post smolts would be used in this study.

5 How to adhere to 3R
Although replicate RAS systems are being used, the systems are very adaptable and commercial stocking densities can be tested with low risk compared to large commercial systems. This replication gives more confidence in the results compared to fewer larger systems that put more fish at risk. RASLab has closely controlled water quality monitoring systems and back up systems to optimize fish welfare and perform studies like this to optimize diets for RAS production.