Forsøksdyr: Stim1 Knock-in del mice: Bone analysis and cryopreservation

Godkjenningsdato 25.01.2018

Godkjenningsperiode 25.01.2018-25.01.2020

The aim of this application/project is to continue the mouse lines generated for experiments in FOTS: 5873. This will keep the mouse line alive in order to be able to compare to the lines described in FOTS: 6991 and to ensure the line is cryopreserved for later use.
Mouse line generated in FOTS: 5873 is tested in parallel to the mice in FOTS: 6991 which is currently on going with experiments and findings. All experiments described in FOTS 5873 are currently completed. However due to novel observations in the line described in FOTS 6991 which needs to be compared with the animals in FOTS: 5873, it is not scientifically fruitful to terminate the line when the FOTS:5873 expires.
Standing by the 3R principle, and to minimise the time and animals that need to be used for scientific experiments, keeping the mouse line with a minimal number of animals in breeding will reduce many animals and cost that would have been required to bring up a cryopreserved line in a case where the line is terminated.
Therefore we apply to keep the Stim1 Ki-del mouse line for 2 years until the mouse line described in FOTS 6991 is concluded with experimentation.
The experiments are not expected to cause severe distress to the animals as the animals are primarily kept for breeding purposes. However a mild distress can be expected due to ear-biopsying and blood collection for routine blood cell count assessment. All experiments will adhere to the ethical and legal regulation stated by the Norwegian Animal Research Authority(NARA) for experimentation on live animals.