Forsøksdyr: To investigate the efficacy and safety of genetically engineered T cells designed to target hematogenous malignancies

Godkjenningsdato 22.10.2018

Godkjenningsperiode 22.10.2018-22.10.2020

It is known that T cell receptors (TCR) expressed on T cells can be genetically engineered in vitro to specifically recognize and kill cancer cells. This method is used against various types of cancer and has already shown encouraging therapeutic effects (Chedda et al., JEM 2017, Jin et al., JCI 2018). However, establishing T cells that specifically target cancers and do not kill normal tissues of the body, is difficult. Certain protein such tumor associated antigens are present only on tumor cells and not on normal body cells providing an opportunity to target with T cells based immunotherapies. We have recently discovered T cell receptors that target breakdown products of such tumor associated antigen proteins. In vitro analyses reveal efficient killing of primary leukemia/lymphomas cells, however, data is lacking regarding how these engineered T cells interact with tumor cells and normal body tissues in in vivo systems. Funding has been obtained from the Norwegian Research Council and Helse Sør-Øst for an in vivo study and PI for this study is Johanna Olweus. This project application involves testing of such targeted T cells for their ability to kill lymphoma cell lines in mice xenograft experiments.