Forsøksdyr: Vaccination trial

Godkjenningsdato 26.03.2020

Godkjenningsperiode 13.04.2020-01.06.2020

1 Purpose: To assess the energetic and nutritional requriements of Atlantic Salmon after intra-peritoneally (IP) vaccination process.

2 Distress: The trial will consist of 3 groups of fish, 2 of them will be manually IP injected with 0,05 ml of saline solution and commercial vaccine Alphaject micro 6, respectively.

3 Expected benefit: The current trial will help to develop fish feeds with optimal formulation and nutrient composition to be used during and after IP vaccination process.

4 Number of animals, and what kind: Atlantic salmon (ca. 35 g) will be graded into 3 0,45 m3 tanks with 100 fish per tank (total of 300 fish).

5 How to adhere to 3R: Alternatives to the current trial have been considered and numbers of fish have been carefully assessed in order to minimise numbers whilst not compromising scientific statistical relevance.